Rules and Norms to be followed

Theatre is a factory of thought, a prompter of conscience, an elucidator of social conduct, an armoury against despair and dullness, and a temple of the Ascent of Man.

Note: It is important for all candidates to have experience of watching live plays ( not on YouTube ). If you haven’t till date seen any play, we advise you to search and see at least one play (live) before coming to the interview so that we can talk about it during the interview process. And also your awareness of theatre will be assessed in the interview. So it is advised to come prepared to the interview with as much knowledge about theatre as possible. At least google about theatre and know.

Important: Please fill and send the registration form only if you agree to follow the rules given below.

  1. The duration of the training will be for 12 weeks. There will be only one batch and i.e. 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm. from Monday to Friday. We don't offer any weekend classes.
  2. Please fill the registration form and send it within 3 days from the date of receipt. Once the filled registration form is received a mail will be sent to you for a one to one interview. The interview is meant to gauge your awareness of theatre, seriousness and commitment, along with general awareness of events around you. If selected you will be notified through mail and the date of training will be intimated.
  3. Bhoomika is seriously committed to the cause of contributing better actors through theatre thereby enriching television and films and the society at large. To that end we conducted Free training classes until now. After training 10 batches and training more than 200 actors it has become necessary to charge a nominal amount to sustain the faculty and meet other maintenance expenditure. The details are given at para 5.
  4. We are extremely passionate and committed towards what we do and we expect the same level of intent and commitment from you. The selection process will scrutinize heavily for your intent and training will be strict and exacting.
  5. Fees for the entire course is Rs.12500 and a refundable deposit of Rs.2500. After the interview, if you are selected, you will be asked to pay an advance of Rs. 5000 and you will be joined in the back stage what’s app group. The remaining fees of Rs.10000 has to be paid 10days before the classes start.
  6. The deposit of Rs.2500 is a means for us to establish commitment and discipline during training. The deposit will be returned to you upon successful completion of the training, subject to fulfilling the requirements for attendance and timeliness. The deposit will not be refunded to those who don’t join after being selected or to those who drop out during the training.
  7. You are expected to attend every session and be present at the venue comfortably ahead of the starting time. Fines are levied for non-compliance of above, and will be automatically deducted from the deposit.
  8. There will be a fine of Rs. 200 for each day of absence, and intimation in the what’s app group about your absence is a must.
  9. There will be a fine of Rs. 5 for every single minute of delay, from the start time.
  10. If you are late by 40 minutes or more, it will be considered absence and Rs. 200. will be deducted from the deposit.
  11. The reasons, either for delay or being absent - viz: medical emergency or family medical emergency or the family functions, which you must attend or whatever - may be genuine. But to retain the sanctity of the system, the fines will be applicable IRRESPECTIVE of the reason. Consider it as a part of the cost of the training. There will be NO EXEMPTIONS whatsoever.
  12. It is mandatory to maintain an e-log of your everyday training experience and learning, and you must share it with Bhoomika after every 2 weeks to assess your understanding. Your feed back will help to improve the training sessions.
  13. Through out the training regular homework/ assignments will be given and she/ he is expected to do the assignments diligently without fail. Failure to do the assignments will effect the training in a big way.
  14. To improve the focus and seriousness in the training a point system will be followed. Each trainee is given 15 points. Every trainee is expected to keep these 15 points intact till the end of the training period. For every lapse the trainee commits one point will be deducted. The following lapses will be considered for deducting a point. (This is in addition to the monetary fines, where applicable)
    a. Failure to do the homework/ assignment will attract one point.
    b. More than 2 late comings in a week will attract one point.
    c. Every time the trainee is absent, one point will be deducted.
    d. Failure to intimate in the whatsapp group about your absence at least 2 hours before - will attract one point.
    e. Non submission of Bi-weekly e-logs immediately after every two weeks will attract one point.
  15. If a trainee looses all the 15 points she/he will be asked to discontinue the training.
  16. Bhoomika reserves the right to expel you at any point for reasons including, but not limited to, lack of discipline or commitment, inappropriate behaviour, non-compliance with established rules, serious disruptions to the training schedule and process, deliberate intent to cause damage to individuals/ equipment, actively promoting an agenda not related to training.
  17. No Acting assignments- either in plays, TV or films, should be accepted by the trainees during the training period.
  18. Bhoomika presently operates from Our Sacred Space (OSS) auditorium at Secunderabad. It is mandatory that we keep the premises neat and clean and no untoward incidents are allowed in the premises.
  19. There will be some special classes with outside experts which are chargeable and at extra cost. While we strive to keep the cost of offering quality theatre to a minimum, we expect the cost of such sessions to not exceed Rs. 5000 per person during the entire training period.
  20. Maintaining and preparing the training space is a collective responsibility. All the participants will take turns to come 15min early to keep the training space ready for the class.
  21. The What’s app group, that will be created for each batch, is only for workshop related information and queries. And irrelevant spamming and casual chatting will not be entertained.
  22. These rules are to ensure that the time and effort invested by everyone including the participants and trainers is rewarding for everyone. These rules are not meant to discourage the serious theatre lovers, but to emphasise that theatre requires a great amount of discipline to yield the change we strive for.
  23. As we progress, new rules might get introduced to make the workshop more productive and the same will be intimated to you from time to time and your adherence is expected for the same.