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“Good Personality, Communication Skills, Team Work, Self Confidence, Imagination, Concentration”. Haven’t you heard enough talks? Don’t you think it is high time to…umm…act? In the past, educational institutions provided many outlets and extra-curricular activities to nurture these qualities. However, with paucity of time, space and increasing pressure of competition, all these activities have vanished from the campuses. Ironically, it is these exact qualities that companies seek in graduates, often giving them more importance than academic achievements. To fill this void, Bhoomika is going around the educational institutions conducting workshops for college students. Theater can provide youth the ideal outlet to test and fine-tune their behavioral skills in a real-life environment. Clearly, it is a much more effective medium than any self-help book to inculcate these qualities. What’s more, a professional play, with the help of our qualified resources, can bring laurels to the students as well as the college in the numerous inter-collegiate festivals and competitions. 

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